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Digital + Physical footfall

Take your stores online to capture customers' I-want-to-buy moments.

Let them discover, buy, interact and plan their store visits from mobile. 

Turn Stores into ‘Stories’

Physical stores on customers' mobile.

Always stay connected!


Don't wait for physicall footfall.

Be there online for customers when they are away from store.

For Retailers

Turn Stores into Stories

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Bringing stores closer to customers life and lifestyle

  • Extend experiences beyond the offline transactions

  • Live inventory on mobile to engage customers with products and deals

  • Be the trusted and preferred choice of customers both online and offline

  • Curated videos on trends and tips to inspire and involve customers

Be personal and relevant

  • Know customers’ persona, buying behaviour to curate personalise engagement

  • Be there with relevant information whenever customers choose you

  • Have informed customers with more buying intent

  • Convenient and frictionless same day delivery / pickup for online purchases

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Drive measurable impact of campaigns

  • Drive effective and proactive campaigns through deeper engagements

  • Optimise campaign spent with live performance analytics

  • Live tracking of your campaign’s ROI

  • Sharable campaigns to drive virality across social media

For Shoppers



Be informed, be savvy.

How DOBO works for you?


Online or Offline - shop from your trusted stores nearby

  • Discover brands, stores, products and deals on your phone

  • Add convenience of buying online from your favourite stores

  • Be assured with quality purchase every time

  • Share your discoveries with your friends and family

While buying online from nearby stores

  • Get same day delivery at your doorstep

  • Stay connected with stores who know you better

  • Be the first to explore relevant deals and new arrivals


While buying offline from nearby stores

  • Make informed shopping trips before you step out for shopping

  • Compare and decide your shopping destination

  • Get rewarded for each store visit

One stop app for shopping fashion and lifestyle from nearby stores.

Dobo Logo.png
Get it on play store.png
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Join DOBO platform.

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